Three charged with rioting in Chinatown

The men will return to court on May 21.
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Noor Najat Alwi, 20, Muhammad Roslan Mohamed Rumli, 29, and Muhammad Farid Surian, 20, were charged with rioting while armed with knives in a clash.

They were each charged with one count of rioting while armed with a deadly weapon.

According to charge sheets, there were two groups of five men involved.

The incident that happened at about 3.30 am on May 10 at the 16th floor of Block 101 Upper Cross Street, People’s Park Centre was because of a “relationship dispute between a member of each group over a woman”.

Closed-circuit television footage of the brawl went viral after the incident, with police first arresting three suspects before launching a manhunt.

One of the suspects is being investigated for harbouring another two of the arrested men, the police previously said.

All those arrested will also be investigated for breaching safe distancing measures under COVID-19 laws.


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