Teen pleads guilty to cheating offences on Carousell

She cheated five people of $580 on Carousell.
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Nur Atiena Mohamed Asidi, 19, cheated five people of $580 in total after promising to sell them surgical face masks even though she had none in stock and had no intention of delivering any.

She pleaded guilty on Tuesday, Apr 14, to two cheating charges involving two victims and $350 in total.

Her other remaining cheating charges involving three people and $230 will be considered during sentencing.

Nur is the first Singaporean teenager to plead guilty to cheating offences involving face masks during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Others like Daryl Cheong Zhi Yong, 28, are facing similar charges and their cases are still pending. He was charged on Feb 15 with cheating a man of $175,000.

Nur created an ad on Carousell to ‘sell surgical face mask’

In Nur’s case, she had used her account on online marketplace Carousell to create an advertisement, claiming that she was selling surgical face masks.

One of the victims contacted Nur on Feb 18 and told the teenager that she wanted to buy 45 boxes of such masks.

Nur used the ‘deposit’ to buy Nike shoes from another Carousell seller

Nur then asked the victim to transfer $100 to a bank account as a “deposit”, before becoming uncontactable.

It turned out that the bank account belonged to another Carousell seller from whom Nur had agreed to buy a pair of Nike shoes.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Michelle Tay told District Judge Eddy Tham: “The accused knew that she had no available stock of surgical face masks and she never intended to deliver the surgical face masks to (the victim).”

Cheated victims so that she could buy milk powder

Of the money cheated, Nur claimed that she used $340 to buy milk powder, food and nappies for her daughter, who is now seven months old.

Nur, who is unrepresented, pleaded for leniency on Tuesday. She told Judge Tham that a friend is now taking care of her daughter and the child’s father is staying elsewhere. It was not stated if she is married to the child’s father.

Judge Tham called for a report to assess Nur’s suitability for probation and she was offered bail of $5,000. She will be sentenced on May 27.


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