‘Sovereign’ woman arrested for multiple COVID-19 related offences

Nobody is above the law.
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The police said in a statement that they arrested a 40-year-old woman at 9.10 pm on Monday, May 4.

She was arrested for assaulting a member of the public, causing public nuisance and not wearing a mask.

Videos of her altercations have been circulating online ever since the incident at Shunfu Market where she breached safe distancing measures and refused to wear a mask.

The police said they take “a serious view of such abusive and irresponsible behaviour, especially in the current COVID-19 situation”. 

“We urge the public to take the circuit breaker measures seriously and comply with the safe distancing measures.”

In one of the recent video, the woman was also heard saying that she has nothing to do with the police, and that the police have no say over her.

Watch here:

Police investigations are ongoing.


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