Domestic helper stole more than $8,000 in cash and hid part of the money in her vagina

She managed to remit some of the stolen money back to the Philippines.
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Filipino Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita, 28, stole more than $8,000 in cash from her employer and remitted some of the money to the Philippines.

On Feb 22, Bajo was cleaning the house when she decided to steal from her employer. She was searching for valuables when she found a safe key and a piece of paper with the pin number of the safe inside one of her employer’s small bag.

That day, Bajo managed to unlock the safe and stole $3,000 in cash.

On Mar 6, Bajo strikes again and this time round she managed to steal another $5,002.

Her employer, Lee, discovered that the money was missing on the same day and made a police report.

Bajo was arrested and charged with the two offences and sent to Changi Women’s Prison.

Hid stash in her private part

During a body scan while in Changi Women’s Prison, a total of $5,002 was recovered. Bajo had hidden the money in a sanitary pad and a plastic bag before placing it inside her vagina.

Bajo, who was employed for about one year and two months, was jailed 16 weeks after she pleaded guilty to two counts of theft as a servant.


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